Engagement & Gallery

In here we showcase our collection of photographs accumulated over years of manufacturing in the trade, to offer you a condensed album filled with design ideas and examples of our workmanship specifically aimed at the bride- or groom-to-be looking for just that.
This is a collection of rings that we have manufactured through the years. They are not strictly bridal, and the album includes both silver and gold. Any of these designs can be reproduced in the metal of your choice.
Here we have a collection of jewellery produced from African Blackwood and precious metals. We are able to incorporate this material into a number of designs and anything can be reproduced with different metals and/or stones.
Mokume Gane is a Japanese method of metal fusion used to produce a rich woodgrain effect with layers of different colours. It is extremely difficult to produce and available in most metal combinations. We mostly make use of silver and copper, but other metals are available on request.
This is a collection of earrings that we have manufactured during our years in the trade as manufacturing metal smiths. Most of these can be reproduced in other metals with the stones of your choice.
Enamelling is a technique during which layers of finely powdered glass, either dry or in a solution are fused on to a surface layer by layer to produce a solid layer of glass in a variety of different colours. It is a very specialised technique and requires excellent heat control during the firing process. Our enamel jewellery is produced from the finest quality imported enamels and is kiln fired to perfection. Enamel is a very limiting material and can only be used if the design permits it. Come see us for a free design consultation and let us help you find the perfect design for you.
Here are a few examples of pendants that we have made. As with the other catagories, they are available in a range of different metals and stones. Contact us to place your order.
Here we have a number of hand produced bracelets and bangles. Any of the bracelets are also available as chains and in various metals. Please contact us for a quotation.
We design and manufacture a wide range of charms. If there is something specific you would like to order, feel free t o give us a call.
Here are some examples of CAD drawings we have done in the past.