We offer each client our expert knowledge and guidance in the jewellery design process in order to deliver a product that both parties will be proud of. Due to the nature of our location, we are able to accommodate design consultations

We offer our expert jewellery manufacturing service at the most affordable price. Our craftsmen work in a range of precious metals and techniques, including Platinum, White and Yellow Gold in 9K and 18K, Sterling Silver and Palladium. We al

As part of our jewellery manufacturing process, we also offer a 3D CAD jewellery designing and digital wax modeling service. This enables us to manufacture jewellery with detail that would have been too labour 

We do repairs on almost anything made from precious metals (sterling silver, gold, platinum, palladium) and even some other materials. Each repair is unique, and the quotation as well as potential options or pitfalls will be discussed

What ever your needs, we'll find the perfect diamond to suit them. Whether you are looking for a stone with specific specifications, or would just like to maximize your budget by choosing a diamond with the best value for money, ou

We offer our manufacturing services in the following metals: (See below for more information on each metal) Sterling Silver 9K and 18K Yellow Gold 9K and 18K White Gold Palladium Platinum Titanium (Image to the left is

Can I Bring Grandma's Ring? YES!!!  We offer cash or credit for any old precious metals and most stones, especially diamonds. Offers are subject to the quality of the metal and stones as well as the condition of the stones. Our price

We are able to source nearly every type of mineral or crystal commonly used in jewellery from Alexandrite to Zircon. See below for more information on the most popular precious and semi-precious stones or visit us for a free consultation. We provide

We offer an intensive 3 day short course for aspiring jewellery manufacturers: Kick start yourself into a fun and potentially lucrative hobby! ♦ Discover your hidden talent! ♦ Get weeks worth of training conde